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Let's get 1000x AngPao anytime!

Hi all, great news! ATM88 gives 1000x AngPao every day. 500x AngPao to slot and casino players at ATM88. 500x AngPao to members who introduce new members to play slots and casino games.

How can I get AngPao?

Question 1: Where to get AngPao?

You will get AngPao while playing slots/casino or introducing new members to play slots/casino on the ATM88 application. Attention: Make sure that your DOWNLINE place a new bet has the opportunity to get AngPao. The more new referrals play games the more AngPao you will get!

Question 2: When will the AngPao fall?

AngPao will come out anytime while you play slots or casino in ATM88 app!

Question 3: How much is AngPao worth?

You will have a chance to get RM8 or RM88!

How do you want to CLAIM AngPao?

Way to demand Angpao is very happy!

Click Claim and open your Angpao!

You will have a chance to get RM8 or RM88! Good luck everyone!


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